Does Oily Skin require a moisturizer?

Indeed, yes! Every skin requires moisturizing in order to remain healthy and glowing, even oily skin for that matter.

You may be confused by the fact that your skin already produces a lot of oil and giving more of it can lead to acne and bumps, or may be some intellectuals must have told you that it can damage your skin or may not make it look good.

But let me tell you, moisturizing is really important for every skin type. You must proper skin care routine as those with dry skin follow.

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However, your moisturizer need not to be the same as that of those with dry skin. As your goal to keep your skin less-oily, you have to go for gel -based or water-based moisturizers instead of cream-based.

For that matter, you can also use serums and gels instead of moisturizers. But make sure that if you use moisturizers, they are non-greasy or those offering oil-control.

Below are some more moisturizers for oily skin:

1. Lotus Herbals Alpha moist Alpha Hydroxy Skin Oil free

2. Lacto Calamine Classic

3. Faces Ever Young 24hr Dual Action Moisturizer

4. Lotus Herbal Acne Gel Tea Tree

5. Clean And Clear Skin Balancing Oil-Free Moisturizers

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