Does sleeping pillow-less helps with neck pain?

Do you prefer sleeping over big fluffy pillows, or completely abandoning them? While, some people choose to avoid pillows in case of back or neck pain. But is it going to do any good? Well, it really depends on your sleeping posture as well as pillow you use.
People who sleep on their stomach might get benefited by sleeping without pillow. Why?
When you sleep in stomach, the entire weight of your body lies on the middle region of your body and it puts your spine in an unnatural position. The purpose of pillow is to keep the spine in the neutral position. But when one lies on stomach, the spine will not get the natural curve. However, it may benefit the neck by reducing its pain or stains. However, this doesn’t stand same if you sleep in other positions like on your back or sides.

In fact, ditching pillows in case of back or side sleep may worsen the pain. So if you are facing any pain while sleeping, consult your doctor before sleeping pillow-less.
To keep your spine in a comfortable position while sleeping on stomach, you can use pillow under the pelvic region or stomach instead of head. It would lift and divide the body weight.

Follow these tips to sleep pillow- less:
1- Use pillow less frequently instead of directly abandoning.
2- Sleep on good quality mattress.
3- Support the rest of the body with pillows if not head.

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