Dogs And Mental Health Issues

To us, dogs seem like the physical embodiment of happiness. No matter what kind of a mood you’re in, they can cheer you up.

Had a bad day at the office? One doggo kiss coming right up.

Feeling lonely? Nothing like a hug from your furry best friend to make you feel loved.

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They not only help you deal with your mood on a regular basis, but dogs are also extremely helpful to people who face mental health issues. Studies have shown that dogs can help reduce stress, anxiety and can have an overall positive effect one’s mental as well as physical health.

Dogs And Mental Health Issues

But have you ever thought about a dog’s mental health?

Sure, they seem happy all the time, and you think they ate something bad if they start acting different, but these sudden behavioural changes can be part of a bigger problem.

They can be symptoms of your dog’s mental health issues.

Even though they can’t be diagnosed with specific problems, severe behavioural changes can be symptoms of psychological distress.



Anxiety in dogs is mostly seen because of separation, ageing, and fear. If your dog whines or cries incessantly when you leave for work, it might be more than just “he’s missing you.”

Anxiety can also result in aggressive behaviour, if untreated.


Depression can show itself in the form of a loss of interest and enthusiasm in activities that your dog usually loves. You might want to visit your bet if your dog that jumped up and down at the name of walks doesn’t react hearing the word “walk” or doesn’t meet you when you return home.

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Dogs And Mental Health Issues


Animals cannot be diagnosed with OCD. However, as a result of stress, they can engage in irrational and compulsive behaviour. This can include pacing and obsessive licking.


Dogs who have been in traumatic situations can display symptoms of PTSD, including abnormally destructive behavior, crouching, tucking in their tails, or pinning back their ears. Traumatic experiences can range from going on military missions, abuse, being abandoned, natural disasters, etc.

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