Dolby Secretly Builds Music Production App – 234!

It looks like Dolby is silently having plans of entering the world of social apps with 234. 234 is a code name given to this secretly built augmented audio recorder app.
It was previously tested with the name Dolby Live. With this app, Dolby could indeed attract many rappers, musicians, bands, etc. Read on to get more insight on this app.

What exactly does Dolby 234 do?

This mobile music production app is in fact a free app. Hence it would definitely grab many users or customers, when officially launched.

It measures background noise before you record and then nullifies it. Users can also buy “packs” of audio effects to augment their sounds with EQs settings like “Amped, Bright, Lyric, Thump, Deep, or Natural”. Recordings can then be exported, or shared to Dolby’s own audio social network, or uploaded directly to SoundCloud through a built-in integration.

With this, Dolby Labs that could give it more face time with consumers than its core business of integrating audio technology into devices by other manufacturers. By selling audio effect packs, the app could earn the company money directly while making the world of mobile music sound better.
Also, the design looks like as though the company is saying this app would be the Instagram for SoundCloud, due to its bright purple and orange colours.

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As TechCrunch says, the company has been covertly testing Dolby Live/234 since at least June. A source tipped us off to the app and while the company hasn’t formally announced it, there is a website for signing up to test Dolby 234. [Update: Dolby has deactivated the signup link in the wake of our article.] Dolby PR refused to comment on the forthcoming app. But 234’s sign-up site advertises it saying “How can music recorded on a phone sound so good? Dolby 234 automatically cleans up the sound, gives it tone and space, and finds the ideal loudness. it’s like having your own producer in your phone.”

The supposed perks of Dolby 234 app –

  • The users can quickly record audio or audio/video clips with optional background noise cancelling.
  • Free sound editing tools including trimming, loudness boost, and bass and treble controls.
  • Users can get a seven-day free trial of the app’s “Essentials” pack of EQ presets like ‘Bright’ before having to pay; though the pack was free in the beta version so not sure how much it will cost.
  • The “Tracks” tab lets you edit or share any of the clips you’ve recorded.
  • The audio effects have a powerful impact on the sound without being gimmicky or overbearing.
  • There’s plenty of room for additional features, though, like multi-tracking, a metronome, or built-in drum beats.

For musicians posting mobile clips to Instagram or other social apps, 234 could make them sound way better. And this can be done without much work. There’s also a huge opportunity for the company to court podcasters and other non-music audio creators.

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