Domino’s+Rad Power Bikes=Faster Delivery

Among all the super fast delivery third-party services, the one fast food pizza commodity that remained loyal to their self-delivery methods – Domino’s.
Now Domino’s has made it even more interesting with their e-bike delivery services.

Yup, that’s right. Domino’s has partnered with the famous Rad Power Bikes in order to provide super fast delivery services; and compete with the likes of UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub etc. Read further to know more about this new interesting partnership.

Domino’s+Rad Power Bikes=Faster Delivery!

Basically, Domino’s will start using custom electric bikes for pizza delivery through a partnership with Rad  Power Bikes.

The e-bikes supplied by Rad Power Bikes equipped with small integrated motors to assist with pedaling; and can run for 25 to 40 miles, depending on the user; before needing a recharge, according to the company. The bikes equipped with lights in the front and back, reflective materials for driver safety and have a top assisted speed of 20 miles per hour.

Importantly, the e-bikes have been customized to hold pizza, drinks and sides. One e-bike can hold up to 12 large pizzas!!

The e-bike announcement comes as Domino’s, which specializes in pizza, faces increasing competition from on-demand delivery apps; for example UberEats that offer customers far more choice. Domino’s could never offer enough menu options to compete with DoorDash or UberEats, but it can compete on service and delivery times.

The e-bikes are part of that plan. The company has also partnered with companies like Ford to test pizza delivery using autonomous vehicles. Earlier this summer, it launched a new pilot for self-driving pizza delivery in Houston in partnership with Nuro. Domino’s will use Nuro’s R2 vehicle, its second-generation autonomous electric test car, which will go into service later this year.

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Availability and Testing –

On the 13th of August, 2019, Domino’s mentioned that hundreds of e-bikes will be deployed across corporate-owned stores later this year; specifically in Baltimore, Houston, Miami and Salt Lake City.

Some franchisee owners were already using e-bikes; and found they are essential in hilly urban areas.

While delivery on a traditional bike solved many of our traffic and parking issues, the hills in Seattle were tough on even our best cyclists,” Greg Keller, Seattle Domino’s franchisee said in a press release announcing the e-bike program. “E-bikes were a game-changer for us, and we’ve been delivering with them for three years now. We have been able to save money, provide better service, increase hiring and maintain a happy workforce.”

The company tested the e-bikes and discovered that service and delivery times improved; Tom Curtis, Domino’s executive vice president of corporate operations, said in the announcement. The e-bikes also opened up the labor pool for the company; allowing it to tap into candidates who might not have a car or driver’s license.

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