Donald Trump – A Threat To Reproductive Health

Donald Trump has more than sufficiently proved that he does not endorse abortion. However, he has proved that he doesn’t just oppose abortion, he opposes women getting adequate healthcare.


Trump has made it his mission to target sexual and reproductive health for women. However, this doesn’t just include abortions, which is something he blatantly opposes.

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“a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing in all matters relating to the reproductive system”

Donald Trump - A Threat To Reproductive Health

This is the definition of reproductive health given by the World Health Organization. It now takes into account the needs and desires of women. Hence, it includes access to contraception, maternal health, safe sex, and prevention of female genital mutilation and sexual violence, in addition to abortion.

On a domestic level, Donald Trump and his administration have been incredibly critical of Planned Parenthood. His supporters have often been seen outside its centres, with anti-abortion signs and heckling visitors.

However, an important thing to keep in mind here is that abortions aren’t the only service that Planned Parenthood provides.


 “They were providing HIV testing, vaccines, mother and child health services, circumcisions, and all sorts of things like that,” said Jennifer Sherwood. Jennifer is the public policy manager at amfAR, an NGO for AIDS.

Donald Trump - A Threat To Reproductive Health

Planned Parenthood and other clinics like it aren’t just solutions for unwanted pregnancies. They’re the source of much-needed guidance and education for people. The state of sex education in the US is unsatisfactory, to the say the least. The number of teenage pregnancies is rising because they don’t receive adequate knowledge about protection. In a scenario like this, having an avenue where they can learn/access anything they need becomes extremely important.

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Sexual and reproductive healthcare ranges from HIV testing to cancer screening. Trump cutting funding for clinics, and consequentially shutting them down because they “perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning” certainly takes from women the right to control their bodies. But it also takes away from them the right to know about and take care of their bodies.


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