Donald Trump And Democrats Fighting Over Coronavirus Outbreak

The USA is finally waking up to the risks of the deadly Coronavirus. However, like everything else, the pandemic is being heavily politicized in the country. While the Democrats have accused the US President of not doing enough, Donald Trump has accused them of creating panic for political gains and reiterated that the situation is under control.

What did Trump say and how are they dealing with it?

Let’s find out.


Donald Trump tweeted that the situation regarding Coronavirus is completely under control. He went on to accuse news organizations MSDNC and CNN of creating useless panic.

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His administration has called for a $2.5 billion budget to fund the development of a vaccine, gather protective equipment, support for state-local programmes and to set up preparedness.

However, the same has been called inadequate by critics. First, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has warned Americans to prepare for the possibility of a flu-like virus in the US.

In turn, Democrats have been asking for an $8.5 billion fund.

The situation is bad for Trump as he’s looking for re-election. The optics of a broken transport system and public bans don’t look pretty good in that scenario. Contrast that to a Bernie Sanders – a person who looks very likely to get a Democratic nomination. He has built his entire electoral campaign over issues like universal healthcare.

Democrat Sen. Bernie Sanders

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In the situation that a pandemic breaks out, his ideas will certainly become a lot more appealing. Considering the fact, that poor will be disproportionately affected by the outbreak, Bernie’s policies of increasing taxes will certainly go a long way in achieving some income parity.

In addition, widespread economic slowdown is predicted. If that happens, it will be another setback for Trump. The stock markets have already started tanking. For Trump, who has long considered them an indication of economic growth, things look bleak. In that scenario, Trump will be looking to ramp up the efforts.

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