Donald Trump And His Obsession With Barack Obama

Donald Trump is coming towards the end of his first reign of Presidency and his obsession with Barack Obama still hasn’t ended. One would imagine that becoming the President of the US and Obama’s retirement from active politics might deter Trump from going on this rant against him.

However, something about Obama continues to haunt Trump. That inferiority complex just doesn’t seem to go away. It’s like he knows that Barack Obama will always be better than him.

Then there are other reasons as well. He will never command that respect of Obama. Let’s find out what people think.

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Donald Trump And His Obsession With Barack Obama


Observers point to a mix of anti-intellectualism, racism, vengeance, and primitive envy over everything from Obama’s Nobel peace prize to the scale of his inauguration crowd and social media following.

His latest electoral strategy is again focused on Barack Obama. He’s pointing towards sone deep state strategy being formulated by Obama to bring him down. This has made his anti-Obama policies come full circle with him questioning the birth certificate of Barack Obama saying that he was hiding it because he was a Muslim by the name of “Barack Hussein Obama”.

Donald Trump And His Obsession With Barack Obama

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Fox News has been recently using his full name quite a lot with focus on his middle name to bring forward this point. President Donald Trump needs to understand that the toll of the Coronavirus will not go away by bashing Barack Obama. He needs to focus more on the problems at hand. This might have worked in a neutral situation but right now the chances are very minimal. It remains to be seen whether President Donald Trump employs this strategy in the 2020 US elections which should be fought on many different ranging issues.

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