Donald Trump Faces Criticism From US Bishop

US President Donald Trump found himself in another controversy after he posed with a Bible outside the Episcopal Diocese church in Washington. The church has been used as a place of worship by US Presidents over the years.

However, what was different here was that protestors outside the White House were fired with rubber bullets and tear gas to make way for the President so he could go to the Church. Multiple people have confirmed that Trump is not a regular at the church.

Hence, this move is just being seen as another attempt by him to create nuisance. He has been all over the protests ever since they erupted as he even suggested that they should be shot if needed. His latest actions drew condemnation by Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde of the Church.

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Donald Trump Faces Criticism From US Bishop


Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde was incensed over President Trump using Jesus for his petty politics. This is what she had to say –

“I am outraged. The President did not pray when he came to St. John’s, nor as you just articulated, did he acknowledge the agony of our country right now,” Budde told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “AC360.”

“And in particular, that of the people of color in our nation, who wonder if anyone ever — anyone in public power will ever acknowledge their sacred words. And who are rightfully demanding an end to 400 years of systemic racism and white supremacy in our country. And I just want the world to know, that we in the diocese of Washington, following Jesus and his way of love … we distance ourselves from the incendiary language of this President. We follow someone who lived a life of nonviolence and sacrificial love.”

“We align ourselves with those seeking justice for the death of George Floyd and countless others,” she continued. “And I just can’t believe what my eyes have seen.”

She further confirmed that Trump is no sincere devotee. He is never seen in the Sunday services of the Church.

“Let me be clear: The President just used a Bible, the most sacred text of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and one of the churches of my diocese, without permission, as a backdrop for a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus,” she told Cooper.

She didn’t stop here. In fact, she said she can easily see that this is nothing but a fake opportunity for clicking photos.

Donald Trump Faces Criticism From US Bishop

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“We know that. And he is not one to worship at St. John’s regularly or any of the churches of our diocese,” she said.

“This was a charade that in some ways was meant to bolster a message that does nothing to calm — to calm the soul and to reassure the nation that we can recover from this moment which is what we need from a President, and that’s what the faith communities stand for.”

If what she’s saying is true, Donald Trump deserves more condemnation. This is not the time to breed more discord. Only a feeling of peace and harmony can currently foster what we call unity in the country.

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