Donald Trump Furious Over Return Of Coronavirus-Positive Americans

President Donald Trump is reportedly infuriated over the fact that 14 American citizens who were infected by Coronavirus were allowed to return to the country.

Donald Trump views shutting the borders as a compulsory policy plank to effectuate safety from the virus. Furious at not having been briefed on the Americans tested positive, Trump lashed out at Alex M Azar II, the Health and Human Services Secretary.


These American citizens are coming from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship. Importantly, it is the largest concentration of Coronavirus cases outside China. Japanese officials had quarantined the ship. This led to the infection spreading quickly with 634 cases.

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Two deaths have also been reported. In fact, the ship has warranted its own category in the data compiled by the World Health Organization. A complex evacuation procedure had been started by the American officials for the 328 passengers. Even though the passengers were tested before being sent to the USA, American officials felt that the timing of the results would be unpredictable because of the volume of the testing being done in Japan. Thus, the evacuation procedure was started by them before having all the results in hand.

The American passengers already tested positive had been sent to hospitals in Japan. Since then, Japanese officials have informed American officials that several other passengers among the 328 brought back had also tested positive for coronavirus. On Friday, American officials said that at least 34 outside the US have the virus — 18 of them from the Diamond Princess. All of the 34 cases have been linked to overseas travel. There has been no sign yet of the virus spreading among communities in the United States.

Implications of these are yet to be seen. The US has not yet seen an outbreak. However, no one can predict the future.

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