Don’t let corona spoil the fun!

And all of a sudden, our lives have become miserable. We are no longer able to hangout, go on a coffee date, and even a bar. Corona has hit us hard and we have got no other option than staying at home. But why to stay away from all the fun? Although, we cannot go out to drink, but we can certainly enjoy a wine at home. Yes, you read it right!

Many wineries have introduced online sales. Wine stores and supermarkets have also upped their game with home deliveries. Many are offering great deals.

Wine at home is a relaxant and a statement that you will continue to enjoy yourself, don’t let a mere virus snatch away your joy.

But do not drink the whole bottle, just take a couple of glasses along with food and put the cork back to seal, keep it in refrigerator.
Also, our wine festival Passover is coming, don’t find excuse and enjoy wine at home.

Here are three must try wines:

1- 1848 Winery, 2nd Generation Chardonnay 2019

Elegant, steely and refreshing. A great food wine. The Shor family have been making wine since 1848. The eighth generation is now making quality wines of excellent value. NIS 60

2. Binyamina Orange Roussanne 2018
This is a new fashion, but a wine style as old as time. It is made with its skins like a red wine. It is an acquired taste for some, but well worth trying out of curiosity. It is not “sour” like a dry white wine, or astringent like a red wine. So, you don’t have to be a wine-lover to like it. It is a good example of the genre, with aromas of apricot and citrus, soft tannins and broad, complex flavors. NIS 60

3. Matua Sauvignon Blanc 2018 (NK).
New Zealand is home of the most flavorful, aromatic Sauvignon Blancs. This one from Matua Winery ticks all the boxes. Aromatic with tropical notes, flavorful with great acidity, it is really good value. They also have an excellent Pinot Noir. NIS69

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