Don’t replicate core functionality!

According to one of Facebook’s Platform Policy, under Section 4.1, which states, “Add something unique to the community. Don’t replicate core functionality that Facebook already provides.”, is now being dropped by Facebook. The reason for this being that some applications are making attempts to falsely replicate its features. Facebook is now taking careful steps to safeguard its features, and in the process protecting its platform policies.

Today Facebook will allow developers to build competitors to its features upon its platform. Ironically in the past Facebook itself had made attempts to replicate few working functions and features from its competitors like Twitter and Snapchat, to name a few. Facebook had enforced the policy selectively to alarm competitors that had used its Find Friends. Apps like Vine, Voxer, MessageMe, Phhhoto and more had been cut off from Facebook’s platform for replicating its video, messaging or GIF creation tools.

Don’t replicate

Don’t replicate

A Facebook spokesperson provided this statement saying, “We built our developer platform years ago to pave the way for innovation in social apps and services. At that time we made the decision to restrict apps built on top of our platform that replicated our core functionality. These kinds of restrictions are common across the tech industry. We regularly review our policies to ensure they are both protecting people’s data. And enabling useful services for the benefit of the Facebook community. As part of our ongoing review we have decided that we will remove this out-of-date policy. So that our platform remains as open as possible.

However, Facebook said it didn’t expect the change to impact. But it’s open to answering questions put forward by many regulators out there.

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Old apps that lost Find Friends or other functionality will be able to submit their app. For review and once approved, will regain access. But at least now Facebook has enacted to take quick action. Developers won’t be in danger of losing access to that Find Friends Facebook API for treading in its path.

The new move will significantly reduce the risk of building on the Facebook platform. Thereby eliminating replication at any cost in the near future. This could also mean giving regulators a better vision and awareness. Anyone seeking ways Facebook abuses its dominance will take a loss in their attempts in doing so. Eventually by creating a more fair and open platform where developers can build without fear. Fear of straying too close to Facebook’s genuinity, it could give new strength to its developer environment.

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