Doorport – A Smart Door To Your Apartment

Intercoms in apartments are always complicated systems, and you would probably know that if you live in apartments. These electronic devices act as a door guard with their small screens, tiny buttons and a seemingly endless list of names to tap, which becomes difficult to search for a friend who can buzz you in.
Well, here is a solution to such a problem – Doorport. Doorport wants to make the current intercom system smarter.

What is Doorport?

Doorport has built a device that can be connected to the existing intercom buzzer systems, which would allow users to unlock their building doors for themselves as well as their guests with just a touch.

The current prototype of the company is about the size of a deck of cards and is supposed to be placed inside the empty space of an already existing intercom system. The device is to be clamped using a magnet inside the intercom box, connecting it run wires to power and to the control mechanism, which helps, in automatic locking as well as unlocking mechanism of the doors.


Doorport initially planned to build a fully-fledged hardware as a replacement for the present intercoms; consisting things like video calling and a separate access codes for every single day. But when the product was tested in the market, it was a failure. Although the product would provide more ease most of the landlords weren’t interested in a system so intense, because a whole new system meant they had to do everything from scratch again. From ripping out old hardware to teaching the new system to their employees as well as the residents. So they decided to build a device, which can be used along with the previously present system.

Just like most upcoming companies, Doorport is still figuring out the cost of their product. They have two alternatives as of now. They would charge the landlord $350 for the device and installation and then $1.50 per month from every resident or another alternative would be $30 per year from every apartment.

Co-founder Ben Taylor tells TechCrunchthe company currently has prototype devices being tested in San Francisco, Oakland, and New York”.

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How does it Work?

Initially, the property manager has to add the resident’s profile via the admin panel.

When a user opens doorport app it searches for the nearby doors that a user can access to using Bluetooth. Tapping on screen padlock will automatically unlock the door; as if you had used a key or any punching of code.

When a friend arrives with Doorport’s app setup, they can ping you directly through the app and you can buzz them through the door.

Also, when a resident moves out of the building, the property manager just has to remove that resident’s profile via the admin panel to prevent future access.

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