Dress colour combination for dark skin

Whiles color or complexion should never act as an obstacle in letting you wear certain color clothes, there are certain color choices which you should prefer, to give yourself a more handsome or elegant look.

Here’s what you should consider wearing:
On a dark tone, one should avoid wearing bright colors as well as light colors. Eye-catchy colors such as yellow, neon, pink, orange should be avoided as much as possible.

It is always better to choose colors one tone lighter than your skin tone. Or to speak generally, dark colors such as majenta, purple, black, dark brown, dark blue, dark green , dark grey would suit really well.

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Blue is always a saver for you! If you aren’t interested in experimenting, go for blue, and you will never regret!
You can also opt for neutrals such as, beige, khaki, whites, etc. Few pastels such as pastel olive, pastel blue, would look good too.

For a good combination, if you like experimenting, you can choose to wear mustard.
If you are experimental then you can opt for mustard upper wear with navy-colored pants and brown shoes & belt, you can sport a bright colour inside a jacket, if you want.

To summarise, you shouldn’t let your skin tone define what you should wear or not. But if you are concerned about what looks best for your skin, wear dark coloured clothes wnd avoid bright or light ones. Also, consider blue as your best friend.

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