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Every day, millions of people drive their cars from one point to another. Sometimes, when you are driving after a long and hectic day, you are tired and the traffic is making the situation worse. Have you ever wondered how dangerous it is to be driving when tired?

Have you ever wondered how risky it is to drive when you are tired?

Driving while you are tired is almost as dangerous as driving when you are drunk. Yes, it’s that risky because when tired, the driver is prone to a condition known as micro-sleep. This can last up to 30 seconds at a time and the driver is unconscious and doesn’t respond to any external stimuli. Fortunately, there is a way to tackle this problem.

Introducing Steer

Steer is a unique bracelet that will help you stay awake when you are driving. It detects drowsiness by analyzing your heart rate and skin conductance. When you are about to sleep, it sends a vibration and a mild electric shock as a warning. This is enough to prevent you from sleeping and helps people stay alert while driving preventing accidents.

Steer guarantees protection from micro-sleep which is good news for people who suffer from sleep deprivation. Steer is extremely easy to use but what’s even better is its intuitive working, let’s have a look.

How it Works?

Steer consists of 16 highly sensitive sensors that measure the user’s heart rate and skin conductance. When switched on, Steer takes a minute to analyze the user’s normal heart rate and skin conductance to establish a benchmark to compare with. Steer assesses the user’s heart rate every 2 seconds. If the decrease in heart rate is 10 units, Steer sends a vibration as a warning and the yellow light will come on. When the heart rate decreases further by 3 units, the skin conductance also goes down. This means the user is getting close to sleep at which point Steer sends a gentle electric shock to wake you. This combination of the yellow light, a vibration and a gentle electric shock raise the levels of serotonin, cortisol, and noradrenaline which results in the decreasing levels of melatonin. The user begins to feel fresher as their heart rate returns to the normal level.

Steer is guaranteed to keep you awake ensuring safe driving is within your reach. This bracelet comes with a charging cable, instruction booklet and sticker. This revolutionary product capable of saving lives comes at a price of 89 Euros.

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