E-Books Or Physical Books – Which One Is Better?

There is no aspect of our lives that hasn’t been revolutionized by technology. From cooking to entertainment, from education to travel – technology has changed everything. The world of books is no exception. The invention of e-books or Kindle, has changed the way people read.

However, no invention has polarized its userbase as e-books have. It has divided the world of readers into 2 teams – people who prefer e-books and people who prefer physical books. These two teams are very opposed to each other. E-book readers claim that the other team is clinging to the past, whereas physical book readers say that e-books aren’t really books.

So, which one is better?

Let’s settle this debate once and for all.

E-Books Or Physical Books - Which One Is Better?


In our opinion, the answer is – absolutely.

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We don’t say this for no reason. We have 3 reasons why we think that e-books revolutionized the world of books for good.


One of the most important factors while considering a book, e-books give you a lot of relief when it comes to the cost. Not only are many e-books available for free, but even the ones that have a price cost a fraction of the physical book.


If you’re an avid reader and you’re going on a trip, you probably have debated taking a suitcase full of books. E-books solve this problem like magic. A tiny, book-sized device, that weighs less than a paperback can store thousands of books, and make sure you always have another book to read if you finish your current one.

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E-Books Or Physical Books - Which One Is Better?


There are two ways in which e-books are more convenient to use. Firstly, you can read whenever and wherever you want, no matter what your surroundings are like. The days of having to hold up a flashlight to your book in the dark are gone.

Secondly, there is no hassle in buying a new book. It takes a minute to buy one, as compared to having to go the store or waiting for days for your book to be delivered to you.

So, which team do you belong to?

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