Easy and Quick hairstyles for office

In the mornings we barely get time to have breakfast and hairstyle remains the most neglect thing! But no more! If you are looking for some really easy and quick hairstyles for your office, you are surely gonna love these:

1. Bandana Hair

Bandana hairband isn’t just the most classy one, but also the quickest of all. Just brush your hair backwards, take a bandana from your back of the ears to the top of your hair and make a quick knot. You are all set!

2. High Pony Tail

No matter what hairstyle we opt for, this is never going to fade away from the list of our absolute favourites. All you need to do is brish your hair and hold them from back, raise the hold as much as possible and put a tight knot. You can also pull out steaks from the front.

3. Side Pins

Yet another quick yet beautiful hairstyle , which just requires two tic-tac pins. Side-part your hair, comb them well and put your favourite hair pin over your ear, on both the side of your divide.

4. High Bun

Make a high pony tail. Hold your hair and fold them into rounds till tail. Now secure your bun using bobby pins. Try it once and it will become your go-to hairstyle for every working day.

Now do not simply leave your hair open, try out these styles even if you have hardly 5 minutes for your hair and thank us later!

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