Easy DIY ideas to decorate your space with a twist

We always end up spending a huge amount of money on home décor and often end up overpaying just so our space could look the best but decoration doesn’t always have to be expensive. Home décor and utilities go hand in hand and believe it or not there are some easy and simple hacks to make your space stand out from the rest. Even if you are not that much into crafts, these easy DIY ideas would still work for you and give your living space a beautiful twist.

Hanging space with a ladder

All you need is a small ladder and a few nails. And some paint if you’d like to paint the ladder. If you’re painting the ladder, let the paint dry for 24 hours and then drill in the nails where youd like to hang your stuff and voila! Place the ladder against any free wall and hang whatever you’d like to on it. It could be used to hang coats, keys, towels or even planters.

Jute rope vase

Create a beautiful earthy DIY vase with this idea. You can use any vessel or bottle of your choice and spiral around some jute rope on it and stick it with hot glue. This vase is perfect for your decorative flowers in the living room. You can use the same method to revamp other storage boxes like jewellery holders and pen stands.

Fairy lights bottle lamp

This is probably the easiest and most beautiful DIY for the nights at home. Just take a string of fairy lights and put them in an empty wine or whiskey bottle and turn it into your personal bedside lamp. You can go for colourful glass bottles or even take a plain one and paint it using your favourite glass colours.

Book planter

This is a very creative idea to use a book as a plant holder. Take any old and thick book and hollow it out from between and plant your tiny succulent inside it. Be sure to only use succulents or plants that require minimum water so it doesn’t damage the book. Place it on any counter of your living room and let the guests compliment you for your creativity.

Abstract wall art

You’ll be amazed to see how beautiful abstract art can look on a wall and how it goes with everything. Pick up a canvas and paint an abstract. Go wild with your creativity and use all the colours you like and frame it on the wall. You can also go for other patterns like geometric patterns or even the simple polka dots. You can make one painting or a series of two to three and hang them together.

These are just a few ideas and if you let your creativity run free you can come up with many more and revamp your space into a magical place with minimum budget.

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