Easy Steps For Making A ZIP File On Your Mac

As a Mac user, you would have faced a major problem of the inability to share a zip file; or sometimes even to make a zip file.
So in this article, we mention a simple and researched way to make a zipped file on your Mac.

What are ZIP files?

“zipped” files have been compressed to cut down on the file size, making it quicker to upload or download them. If you’re a Mac user, you may want to know how to use these files to transmit data, whether for work or personal use. Hence in this article we mention on how to make a ZIP file on a Mac.

Basically, when you need to send lots of data, you might be distraught at how long it takes. This can be especially troublesome with music or video files, which, depending on the format, could take hours to upload or download. The way around this is to compress the files, either by eliminating redundancies in the files, which can then by recreated (lossless compression) or by cutting out unnecessary bits, albeit at the cost of a perfect replica (lossy). Compressed files are packed into various archive formats such as RAR and ZIP. When you download a compressed file, you will need to extract the contents — or “unzip” them — in order to access them.

Easy Steps For Making A ZIP File On Your Mac –

Creating a ZIP file on a Mac is quick and easy, as MacOS contains a built-in utility for compressing or unzipping files. Just follow the steps mentioned below –

Step 1) First, find a file or group of files you want to compress. For a single file, simply right-click it and select Compress [file name].

zipped file

Step 2) You will see a ZIP file appear in the same folder as the original, which will still be present.

zipped file

Step 3) To compress multiple files into one ZIP file, select them all, then right-click and select Compress X items, with X being the number of highlighted files.

A single archive file will appear in the folder the originals are in.


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Unzipping is Even Easier!

Unzipping a ZIP file is about as easy as creating one. Simply double-click on the file and it’ll automatically be unzipped. Alternatively, right-click the file in question, hover over Open With, and choose Archive Utility (or a third-party unzipping program, if you have one).

zip file

MacOS will automatically create a new folder containing the zipped files in the same location as the ZIP file. If you want to secure your ZIP files with a password, we have a guide for that, too.

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