Effective natural remedies for Dark-Circles

So, in the previous article, we read about the common causes of dark-circles and ways in which we can naturally overcome it. But since the process may take too long, you can try out some other remedies too, to expedite it.

Following are some effective DIYs with which you can reduce your dark-circles.

1. Cucumber:
We’ve seen people keeping cucumbers on eyes and lying on beaches and even parlours. So what is it for and does it really work? Yes it does. Cucumber has skin lightening properties and can really help one overcome dark circles. Take two fresh cucumber slices and keep them on eyes for 10-15 minutes. Take it off and wash eyes with warm water.

2. Potato juice
Potatoes are filled with vitamin C and other nutrients which are excellent for skin problems. Peal a potato, grate it and take out its juice. Dip a cotton pad and keep it on your eyes for 10 minutes. Remove and wash eyes with warm water.


3. Coconut oil
Who can undermine the miracle-like benefits of coconut oil. It doesn’t just possess skin lightening properties but is alsl anti-inflammatory in nature. It will also prevent fine lines. Apply it under-eyes, rub and leave for over night. Wash with warm water in the morning. Apply it regularly.

Disclaimer: The remedies are general guidance to overcome dark-circles. It may not necessarily work for everyone and doesn’t come as a substitute to doctor’s recommendations. You must do a patch-test before applying it to prevent any side-effect or allergy. The above remedies are suggested by Foreo.com

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