Elizabeth Warren – Case Of USA’s Sexist Voter Pool

Another US election and another time for us to reflect upon the deep-rooted sexism in American politics. More than 200 years after the establishment of electoral democracy, the most powerful country in the world still waits for a female President.

2020 was another year for the glass ceiling to go even higher. The hopes of all women rested on the progressive candidate Elizabeth Warren who had the time and again proved herself to be the best among the lot when it came to defending her ideas. However, the Massachusetts senator failed to get past the Democratic primary and has dropped out of the race.

Among progressive voters, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders proved to be the preference as Warren finished third even in her home turf. After the dominance of women in the 2018 US midterm elections, this is a huge let down for the Democratic Party. Time and again, it was proven that Warren had to go the extra mile to prove herself.

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Elizabeth Warren - Case Of USA's Sexist Voter Pool


“A lot of people are really threatened by super-smart women. If a woman is trying to make her point by speaking slowly and forcefully, there’s always going to be a cohort of men who regard that as being scolded by a mother figure.” –  said Bonnie Morris who is a history lecture at the California University, a progressive state that gave Bernie Sanders an overwhelming majority.

Morris agreed with Warren’s description of sexism. “I believe women are stuck,” she said. “They’ll always be subject to comments about their appearance, fashion, tone of voice, style of hair. They’re always asked if they align themselves with women’s issues. If they don’t, they’re not seen as ‘sisterly’. And if they use a word like ‘sisterly’, they’re seen as an extreme feminist.”

The fact that women in politics always have to clarify themselves is a testimony to the sexist culture. Time and again, Warren was asked to explain the details of her healthcare plan on debates. However, Bernie Sanders was never put to the same scrutiny. Last week, when Sanders was finally asked the question, he was found deeply lacking.

Elizabeth Warren - Case Of USA's Sexist Voter Pool

It clearly shows that while Americans are ready to have a radical grandpa who talks revolution, a woman who brings about the same ideas with equal vigour is dismissed as hysterical and impractical.

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The same USA voted for a sexist, misogynist and racist President over a female candidate in 2016. Provided that Hillary had her faults, nothing justified a vote for Donald Trump in that election. A day after the disaster, millions of women took to the streets in a historic March renouncing Trump as their President.

However, what looked like a revolution only translated to the 2018 elections. In the Democratic primaries, hardly and women voted for Warren. The revolution is still years away from women.

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