Emerging career options in 2020

Times have changed now. Technology and internet has taken over the world. It has also changed the demanding career options. While doctors and engineers will never lose their importance, certain other professions have become the need of the hour too. In the coming times, the emerging career options will grow immensely.
So what are those career options basically?

1. Digital creator
Digital creators include blogger, social media writer, YouTuber or influencer whom you follow on social sites. Since the internet has captivated the world, these professions have grown rapidly. We shouldn’t just act as consumers but also creators or producers of demanding content.

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2. Content writer
Since the internet is the major source of information for us today, we consume a lot of text on search engines, social sites and what not. This has increased the scope of content writers , especially bloggers.

3. Social media managers
Since brands and influencers have got a boom due to social media, the need and scope for social media managers, too has taken a turn. Now every celebrity or business require someone to handle their social accounts and help them grow.

You must consider these options and not go in a rat race when it comes to picking a career.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

A freelance content writer who specializes in writing long-form articles that generate traffic for health and wellness, lifestyle and digital marketing brands.

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