Enable the New Snapchat Alpha Ui on your Android 

Snapchat, founded by Evan Spiegel, is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. The company has decided to launch a faster version to improve the experience of android users. The new version is going to be faster and better than all the previous versions. XDA-Developers teased a big update back in November 2017.  There is no such fixed date yet as to when the company is going to launch Snapchat Alpha 

How to enable Snapchat Alpha?

To enable snapchat alpha, Rooting the device is necessary.  

First off, what is rooting? 

Rooting gives the user privilege to modify the software code on the device or install other software that manufacturer wouldn’t normally allow. Rooting the phone could result in accident beyond repairs. You could lose your device’s warranty.

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How to Root the device?

There are two ways of rooting a device, can be done by PC as well as phone itself.  

There are many apps on Playstore that allows phone to be rooted without the use of PC. Few of them being Kingroot, Framaroot and Kingoroot .  

Naturally, in order to use the newest features, latest version of Snapchat is required (10.39 or 10.39.1 beta). 

Once your phone is rooted, you’ll need to download a root-enabled file explorer software that will allow you to edit files.  

There are many Root-enabled file explorers, such as MiExplorer, FX File Explorer, and more. We will be using MiExplorer. 

With MiXplorer installed, you may do the following to root the device – 

Step1: Open Application File. 

Step2: Go to “Root” directory. 

Step3: Grant Root Access. 

Step4: In folder name “Data” locate com.snapchat.android, and then “shared__prefs. 

Step5: Open the file labelled “dynamicAppConfic.xml.” 

Step6: Search the document for phrase “appfamily“. 

Step7: The full string should read <string name’”appFamily”>snapchat</string>. 

Step8: Replace the word “snapchat” with “mushroom”. The string should now read: <string name’”appFamily”>mushroom</string>. 

Step9: Save the file, then exit MiExplorer. 

Step10: Force close snapchat. 

Step11: Enable USB Debugging mode. 

Those are the initial on-phone steps. Next, we’ll need to connect the phone to your PC to complete the process. 

Enabling Snapchat Alpha –

After connecting the phone to PC via USB, latest ADB needs to be downloaded if not already present.
You may do so by following the below given steps – 

Step1: Open command prompt. 

Step2: Open adb shell. 

Step3: Enter the command: su and accept the request to grant root access. 

Step4: Enter these commands one by one- 

  • First– pm enable com.snapchat.android/com.snap.mushroom.MushroomMainActivity
  • Second- pm enable com.snapchat.android/com.snap.mushroom.MainActivity
  • Third- pm disable com.snapchat.android/.LandingPageActivity  

Once the commands have completed, close the command prompt window, and safely disconnect your phone from your PC. 

And that’s about it. After completing all these steps, you may now have access to Snapchat Alpha. 

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