Going on a hike – Don’t forget to pack these 7 things for your hike

Hiking is the best escape for all the adventure and nature lovers out there. Whether you like to go on this adventure alone or in a group, you need to be fully prepared for all the challenges you may come across. To ease up the difficulty level of your hike, here are a few essentials to mark in your checklist before you start the journey.


For comfortably carrying your baggage around, you should go for a backpack which makes the journey a little convenient. Choose a rainproof backpack to protect your stuff in case of sudden weather change.

Hiking footwear

Since you are going to be on your foot all the time, choosing the appropriate footwear is a must. For a short or easy hike, you may go for trail shoes but if you’re on a longer journey and carrying heavy hiking equipment, hiking shoes will offer a lot more support.

Extra clothes and rain protection

When you’re out in the open, the temperature keeps changing throughout the day. To be prepared to adjust to that, dress up in layers and always carry rain protection gear in case it starts pouring.

Tip: Avoid cotton as it retains the moisture and keeps it closer to the skin.


We all like to get lost in nature, but not literally. Carry your GPS unit for directions to guide you through the journey. Also be prepared to go a little traditional and don’t forget to pack a map and a compass as a backup in case your GPS system bails out.

Safety items and multipurpose tools

To be prepared for all the unknown challenges in the dark carry the safety items like a torch, a whistle and something to start a fire. Also pack a multipurpose tool or a knife in case you need to fix your equipment or cut through any surface.

Extra food and water

Since you won’t be coming across any restaurants on your way, it is advisable to always carry extra food and water to get you going through the tiresome journey. You cannot go hiking for long if you run out of energy or get dehydrated. Keep sipping water after intervals of time to prevent dehydration and some extra food in case you stay out longer.

First Aid Kit

This is an important item to always carry with you regardless. You cannot always estimate the difficulty level of the challenges you have to face and sometimes it may lead to injuries. Always be prepared with a first aid kit with the essential items like bandages and appropriate ointments and other medicines you think you might require. You can make your own first aid kit or even buy a pre-packaged one from any outfitters.

The journey might be tough and challenging but if you are prepared for it, it can be the most beautiful experience of your life. Happy hiking.

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