Everything You Need to Know about Cloud Computing

The term cloud computing refers to the computing which takes place in a shared network, like the internet. Here the word ‘cloud’ is symbolic of the internet. Also called on-demand computing, it involves sharing the required data and resources with the computers on demand. It is notable that these computers don’t work with the local storage or local network, but access all the data needed from the internet.

Cloud Computing

Improved collaborative work

Since the resources are shared through internet, the working team can comprise of members from anywhere. They need not be in the same physical location. They can access the same documents in real time and make updates without any hindrance. This ensures a better collaborative work.

Better security

In cloud computing, all the data and resources are stored in the cloud rather than your laptop. So even if the laptop is misplaced, you can still access the information anytime. There is also provision to delete any sensitive data in your lost machine by remotely accessing it.

Clutter free documents

As already mentioned, team members from anywhere can see the documents which are centrally maintained. Previously the same documents had different updated versions. This created a lot of confusion. With cloud computing the same document is being updated by everybody and the changes are saved then and there.

Timely software updates

Cloud computing provides servers which are not stored locally but centrally. So, the suppliers can easily do the job of regularly updating the software. This makes the system maintenance pretty easy for you where you just have to concentrate on your business; the rest is taken care of automatically by concerned people.

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The services offered by cloud computing are reliable and available almost all the time. You are provided with a large number of resources which can be accessed whenever required. There are a number of servers available and if one fails, another always comes to use.

Cost Effective

The investment for IT infrastructure can be saved if cloud computing is used. As the servers are all stored centrally, you are not involved in its maintenance. All you have to pay is for the resources used. So this service is profitable for both small and large businesses.

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