Gadgets for a Great Flight Experience

Travelling by flight for long hours can be a big pain if not done right. Sometimes, you would get so frustrated that you would want to change your tickets to a first class one, due to comfort or boredom issues.
Definitely it’s not going to be a cheap option. So, here are few amazing gadgets that can help with your travel experience. And well, these can surely save your money spent on the first class tickets as well.

Must have gadgets when you’re in the air –

Headphones –

Obviously headphones have to be one of the main gadgets when you are travelling. Everyone loves music and it’s the best way to not get bored.

Many times, there could be kids screaming next to you or a loud passenger seated beside you. You can cancel out their noises with these amazing noise-cancellation headphones/earphones.

  • Odoyo Earphones: These are not only soundproof, but they are waterproof, dustproof, sweatproof, freezeproof as well as shockproof. It also has built-in microphone.

  • 1MORE Triple Driver: This earphone costs just under $100 with a sleek design and amazing sound quality. It has a passive sound insulation which cancels most of the noise.


This is a Bluetooth headset designed to mask your voice. It basically keeps your phone conversations private.

Smart Suitcases –

In a world where “Smart” is what is heard everywhere, so Smart Suitcases for your travel is an interesting option. Here are few examples –

  • Away’s Bigger Carry-on: This is stylish suitcase with amazing features such as ejectable battery (to charge your phone), unbreakable polycarbonate shell, built-in compression system, 360 degree Hinomoto wheels, etc.

  • Barracuda bag: It’s a collapsible suitcase that shrinks to about 4 inches. It has various features to keep your travel productive including a plug-in battery to charge your phone, a drink stand, etc.

  • Travelmate: It’s the world’s first automatic suitcase which is linked to an app in your phone. It records locations of the owner, which can follow you along with a camera. It also has a case if you want to drag it.

Portable Chargers –

These are a must for any traveller since we all rely way too much on our smartphones.

  • Hammacher’s charger: This is a very handy charger. Literally. It is a manually cranked charger which can also tone your arms while your phone is put for charge and you can listen to the radio.

  • Prong PWR case: This iPhone case can be plugged and can be easily used as a portable charger.

Armrest/ Divider – Saorigami:

It is a convenient device to have your own armrest as well as for your co-passenger. It works on almost all seats.


This helps in keeping your drinks as well as iPads in one place. It’s basically hooked to the closed tray table on the back of the passenger seat.

Ultimate Baggage free coat –

The Airport Jacket, is designed to have 14 deep pockets with 2 additional detachable pocket panels. It allows up to 15 kg of luggage (laptops, shoes, tablet, mobiles, chord cables, camera, etc.) and can be easily rolled up or kept under your seat.

Helps you Sleep –

Retimer Glasses:

It’s a light device which helps you to regulate sleep patterns and costs about $235. This basically helps your body adjust quickly to the new time zones.

 illumy Smart Sleep Mask:

It also uses light which makes you fall asleep comfortably and wake up naturally. It also a feature known as “Sleep Enhance Pacing Technology” which uses pulsing light to help you relax and stay asleep.

Few other essentials are the travel neck pillows, ostrich pillow loop, etc. which are kind of a must have if you are one of those who tend to doze away easily.



Hope you make the most out of this list, and enjoy travelling in your next flight. Bon Voyage!

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Navaneetha Suresh

Navaneetha Suresh

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