Exercising is no more boring with this App!

If you are someone who dislikes exercising or  opting for an active lifestyle, and would instead choose compromising your health, then you must try out this application.

Story-based fitness app Apocalypse Survival Training makes exercising fun for you.
By the way of immensing you so much into the stories, it aims at letting your exercise extensively even without realizing.
It’s founder Adele Anderson said she wanted to make workout an appeal to her ‘geeky’ tendencies, and something that could help her get fitter without being boring or too difficult
A group asked her if she could combine her writing and fitness experience to make exercise .
‘That gave me the idea of creating a vast story world with vivid characters who we would want to go and spend time with – even if we had to be exercising to do so.’ she said.

The best part being that it doesn’t require any equipments for someone to workout and it turns workout into fun.
She also stated that engaging people mentally , emotionally as well as physically can help with achieving positive results.

The story takes place episode-wise over three types of workout which are- running, bodyweight circuits and yoga/stretch, to give you the speed, strength and control you need to survive an apocalyptic alien invasion.

The founder believes that she’ll be successful if she could let any workout -hater into a fitness freak.

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