Experimental Features To Try On Google Books

On the 15th of August, 2019, Google had announced on their blog about the various experimental features that you can try out right away on the Google Play Books.

What are the experimental features announced by Google Books?

Basically, the company allows you to try new functions while they are still under development and have not yet received wide distribution.

The company mentioned on the blog saying –

“Beta Features is new from Play Books, and it lets you test out experimental features on the web. This project originated with Dan Kimberg, a software engineer who joined the Play Books team to perfect a product he’d been a longtime fan of. Self-proclaimed bookworm and lifetime lover of literature, Dan was eager to personalize his library and make it easier to browse and organize his collection of books. He knew that other readers out there probably felt the same way—so he got to work.”

So at the moment there are three features that you can opt into.

  • Custom shelves – This lets you organize your books into shelves with custom labels.
  • Ready to read – This shelf option automatically generates a section with any books that you’ve started but haven’t finished.
  • Searching / sorting – This adds a new interface option; this lets you either search through your books or sort them by their author, title, price, or when you last read them. You’re free to enable each of these experimental features individually.

You can turn each of these experimental features individually.

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How to use these experimental features?

You can opt into the new features by going to play.google.com/books and clicking the settings cog on the top right of the screen.

Within the “Beta features” menu, you have the option of enabling any features that Google is currently publicly testing.

google books

Google warns that any of these features may lack polish; and they may change or disappear over time depending on the feedback the team receives from testers. Otherwise, if there’s a feature that you’d like to suggest, then Google says it’s open to hearing about it via the “Send feedback” option.

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