Eye makeup guide for beginners

Who doesn’t want flawless eye makeup? Good looking eyes can mesmerize anyone. And even though it seems like too much work or skills, simple eye makeup can do just the trick. Here’s a guide for doing the basic eye makeup if you’re a beginner


Step 1: Concealer under the eyes

The first step is to even out the skin tone around the eyes to work with it. Start with applying some concealer around and especially under the eyes in a dotted way and then dab it to blend it in. However, feel free to skip this step if you’re lucky enough to not have any uneven skin tone around your eyes.


Step 2: Primer on the lids

To start with the eyeshadow, you need a base. Apply some primer on your eyelids to give the base and hold the makeup for longer. Skipping this step before the eyeshadow can cause smudging of the shadow.


Step 3: The eyeshadow

The color you choose is important here. Go for nudes or light pinks for the daytime and the darks and glitter for the night. Going for a three tone palette, start with the lightest color which is almost like your skin tone and blend it from the inner corner of the eyelid and sweep it till the brow bone. For the middle tone, sweep it only across the lid and sweep it inwards unlike the lighter tone. And for the darkest tone, color in the middle tone crease and blend it properly.


Step 4: Line the eyes

After the eyeshadow, put on some eyeliner to give it a pop and definition on the lid. You can even line it in the lower lid to give even more definition to the eyes but can skip this during the daytime and if you’re trying to not go too obvious.


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Step 5: Curl them lashes up

This is a trick to make your lashes look longer and prominent. Using and eyelash curler, curl up your lashes. If you have smaller lashes or they don’t look very curled, you can even heat up the curler and apply it very carefully to get enhanced results.


Step 6: Mascara for the final touch

Mascara not only defines the lashes and but also makes them look thicker and fuller. Using the mascara wand, apply the mascara to the lashes in an outward motion to get the effect. You can use 2-3 coats of mascara to make the lashes look thicker and even apply it to the bottom lashes.


Even if you’re not an expert, learning basic eye makeup is pretty easy and great to dress you up for most of the occasions.

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