F.I.T model refuses to wear racist accessories

A black model, Amy lefevre of fashion institute of technology refused to wear clearly racist accessories during the show. The accessories included monkey ears and oversized lips.

The controversy caused a fresh round of hand-wringing over racusm in the fashion industry. It also led to the suspension of two F.I.T. administrators, Jonathan Kyle Farmer, chair of the M.F.A. fashion design department, and Mary Davis, dean of the School of Graduate Studies on last friday.

The institute’s president, Dr. Joyce Brown, who is an African-American, said in a public letter that the Feb. 7 show, intended to demonstrate the work of recent graduates of the school’s M.F.A. program, “failed to recognize or anticipate the racist references and cultural insensitivities that were obvious to almost everybody else.”

Dr. Brown also told that the institute has commissioned an independent investigation of the incident. But she asked the public to refrain from criticizing Mr. Huang.

Based on an internal investigation, Dr. Brown said, “the styling and accessorizing used in the show were provided to him rather than chosen at his discretion.” She added, “The collection he designed and produced was not aimed at invoking or provoking racial implications.”

  1. In an interview on sunday,
    Mr. Huang, 27, said that he was “sad and shocked” at the accusations.
    He also expressed that his understanding of American culture is still developing as he lived in US briefly only. He also promised to be more aware about the political correctness, cultural differences and history in the future.

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