Facebook eradicate lot of fake accounts this year

Facebook’s recent report shows a big boost in unsolicited and harsh material. In short Facebook has taken down Fake accounts from there site. Firstly it has affected the accounts that includes child abuse, bullying and sexual exploitation. However, the name of the report was released as “Facebook of incompetent of underhanded behavior”. In this report Facebook is trying to exclude or remove the low standard or poor quality content before even users can read it or view it.

Types and number of accounts removed by Facebook:

  • As mentioned earlier, the affected accounts which contains sexual exploitation, bullying and many more. These accounts Facebook had removed from the year 2017 in the ending of the quarter.
  • Likewise, as per the report inclusive of all the categories almost 2.1 million and 8.7 million that includes all kind of categories which shows the low standard has taken down by
  • However, we are very well aware that non- sexual nudity and legal are strictly prohibited on Facebook.

Fake accounts

Removal of Fake accounts:

  • Spam has very huge amount in numbers wherein the growth rate of the same is even more increasing very rigorously.
  • Meanwhile, Facebook also doing their job very sincerely they removed 1.23 billion pieces of spam in comparison with 957 million, 836 million and 727 million before the end of the quarter.
  • Similarly, the count of fake accounts remains consistently very high. Post-closing 754 millions of such account in past quarter still the count of such account remains huge.
  • In spite of decreasing the total count of fake account it has increased day by day.

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Removal of Violent content from Facebook:

  • Violent content also has very biggest jump. We can see the violent content of Facebook easily.
  • However, Facebook deleted 15.4 million portion of Violent content from the mid of June till September 2018.
  • In comparison of June to September, 7.9 million of such content- removed from April to June month.
  • Likewise, 1.2 million removed from October till December 2017.
  • Meanwhile, Facebook deleted these contents proactively. Whereas, Facebook did removal of such contents before users of Facebook report it.

Facebook still picking administration’s request for data of the users which increased somewhere around 26% between the ending of the year 2017 and half of the year 2018. More such material restricted by Facebook in few specific countries. The majority of these kinds of disruptions this time seem to be from India.

Group of Human rights organization questioned Facebook about the report that has number of accounts that was mistakenly removed. Like, Users posts or account restricted wrongly. However, Facebook failed to provide such report. Although post recent news, this will be dissatisfaction for most of the people.

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