Facebook Introduces ‘Quiet Mode’ And Other Features

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had a lot of effects on the way people go about their day. People who spent the majority of their day outside their homes to work or study have now been forced to stay at home all day long. Even though some of them do still have to work or study, its not quite the same. Thus, people are spending a huge amount of time doing something that they already spent a huge amount of time doing – scrolling through social media. To tackle this, Facebook came out with an update.

The social media giant updated users on the feature in a COVID Newsroom post.

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Facebook Introduces 'Quiet Mode' And Other Features


Facebook has released a ‘Quiet Mode’ for its app available on iOS and Android devices.

The mode aims to reduce the amount of time a user spends using the app. This is being done in 2 ways. Firstly, this mode mutes most push notifications from the application. This means that the user won’t be notified every time someone else likes or comments on something.

Secondly, it also notifies the user that they are using ‘Quiet Mode’ every time they open the app while the mode is switched on.

Facebook Introduces 'Quiet Mode' And Other Features

“Whether it’s to help you focus on your family and friends, sleep without distraction or manage how you spend your time at home, we have tools that can help you find the right balance for how you use Facebook.”

If the users wish to just limit the notifications they receive, they can use the pre-existing “mute push notifications” setting. It allows users to stop push notifications that are not generated within the app, for a specific amount of time.

The company also added a few more features to the app. These include shortcuts to Notification Settings and News Feed Preferences. The latter allows the users to manage the types of posts and updates they are shown.


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