Facebook Looking to Improve User Engagement by Testing Comment Quality

Facebook is always striving to boost engagement on its platform. While users ensure the content which is shared by them engages their audience so more people leave comments on the posts, sparking a conversation and more comments leading to more engagement.  Facebook is taking a step towards facilitating this by ensuring only the most engaging comments are seen by the users leading them to further engage with the posts themselves.

Engaging comments doesn’t necessarily mean something positive. Often, negative comments, offensive remarks, crass words find their way in the mix. Such comments can potentially discourage users to engage with the post fearing backlash.

Facebook has taken a step towards addressing this issue by testing a new comment quality feedback system earlier this year where users can instantly upvote or downvote a comment in order to encourage healthy conversations.

Although this option is not visible to all users, there is a quick and easy survey option on comments which provides feedback to Facebook about what users appreciate in a comment thread and what they find unsuitable. It is difficult to determine the scale at which this feature is being tested but it is clear that Facebook sees this as a major step to resuscitate the supposedly declining interaction on the platform.

Facebook has neither confirmed any reports on declining engagement, having no reason to do so. In terms of active users, Facebook has been steadily rising, however there might be concerns about people moving away from the platform due to some of their recent updates most notably of which was the rollout of a News Feed update where content from a user’s friend was given preference over content from Pages, further reducing their organic reach. Most of the interactions nowadays are taking place on Facebook Groups, another feature being emphasized by the platform.

Improving comment quality on posts seems like a small but important step towards boosting engagement on the platform. Going forward, it will interesting to see what steps Facebook takes to increase user activity.

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  1. Interactions with the post. Posts that have high engagement (likes, reactions, comments, and shares) can appear higher in the news feed. Here s the good news: You do have control over your levels of post engagement!

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