Facebook hints new Speech Recognition feature and Instagram hints voice messaging feature

On the 22nd of August, 2018, TechCrunch had announced about Facebook’s new speech recognition feature. Also, there are speculations about Instagram’s new voice messages feature.

Neither Facebook nor the Facebook-owned Instagram has officially announced about the features. These are currently just the insights from TechCrunch’s well-known source – Jane Manchun Wong, who is a mobile researcher.
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More Details on Facebook’s new speech recognition tool –

According to the source code provided by Jane, the speech recognition tool is termed ‘Aloha’. Aloha would possibly be available on Facebook as well as on the Messenger app. Also, there are further speculations that this speech recognition would be available as an external hardware.

It’s probably too late by now and there could be a lot of competition while Facebook releases the feature. This is because of the existence of other voice assistants. These are -Google’s Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and also Samsung’s Bixby.

Clearly Facebook has to bring out their tool with better and additional features and possibly without any glitches.

Currently this is the scenario according to TechCrunch
“It has no voice assistant, its smart speaker is still in development, and some apps like Instagram aren’t fully equipped for audio communication. But much of that is set to change judging by experiments discovered in Facebook’s code, plus new patent filings.

Its forthcoming Portal smart speaker is reportedly designed for easy video chatting with distant family, including seniors and kids that might have trouble with phones. Improved transcription and speech-to-text-to-speech features could connect Messenger users across input mediums and keep them on the chat app rather than straying back to SMS.”

More Insight –

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Aloha has graphical volcano image?

The code found on the beta build of Facebook and Facebook messenger comes with the name “Aloha Voice Testing”. It apparently works with external Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. Hence, this again re-affirms that the company might soon launch a smart speaker powered by Aloha.

Another tip found out by Jane was that the logo of the Aloha tool looks almost like a graphical volcano image.

Facebook declined to comment on the video, with its spokesperson, Ha Thai, telling “We test stuff all the time — nothing to share today but my team will be in touch in a few weeks about hardware news coming from the AR/VR org.

It’s unclear if that hardware news will focus on voice and Aloha or Portal, or if it’s merely related to Facebook’s Oculus Connect 5 conference on September 25th.

Instagram’s voice messaging feature –

After Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. now Instagram is also jumping into voice messaging. Jane shared a screenshot hinting about this feature.
Although the image seems irrelevant, it shows the voice messaging icon at the bottom where we type the message. This would allow you to speak into Instagram and send the audio clips similar to a walkie-talkie, or the voice messaging feature Facebook Messenger added back in 2013.

According to TechCrunch, An Instagram spokesperson declined to comment. This is typical when features are spotted in its code but aren’t publicly tested. He said,“Unfortunately nothing more to share on this right now.”

Hence, all we could currently say is to stay tuned for  more updates regarding both these new speculated features.

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