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Facebook firmly believes that Stories are the future of the content. Facebook has added many creative options to Stories to replicate the success of Instagram Stories, but ti no avail. Current standing at 500 million daily users, Facebook thinks that people don’t use Stories because they don’t understand these options.

Facebook is making efforts to make these options visible in the hopes that people will use them more. Last month, reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong spotted Facebook testing a new layout for Facebook Stories which made more options available to users with a single tap on their screens.

Now, Facebook is testing another layout in which these options are more clearly visible up front. As you can see in the image below (shared by a Facebook user via social media expert Matt Navarra), the options are clearly visible below. This layout makes the users aware of the options available to them and leaving no confusion about how to access these options.

One can understand why this layout makes sense logically even if it taking things a bit to far with regards to highlighting the options. Most of Facebook’s demographic is older as compared to any other social media platform. This includes people who grew up without social media in the first place and might be unaware of many functionalities.

This step may boost engagement on Facebook Stories which according to Facebook is on its way to become the preferred content sharing option overtaking News Feed by the year’s end. If that happens, Facebook Stories may enjoy the same success as its Instagram counterpart.

As of now, this is still the testing stage so there are no indications that either of the layouts will be rolled out anytime soon. But given that the Founder, Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear that the future of content sharing is Stories, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Stories composer looked a lot different sometime in the future.

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