Update: New Composer Layout for Facebook Stories

Facebook is working on a new layout for Stories Composer in line with its efforts to make Stories a bigger part of their content platform. This new layout features more options reachable with a single tap

Have a look at the current format and compare it with the new format. You will see a bunch of new options available on the main screen. This new layout was spotted by user Jane Manchun Wong who shared about it on her Twitter feed.

The bottom bar in the new layout covers all available options and the additional sidebar on the right has quick access to the growing toolbox of Facebook Stories. Also, there are Privacy and Studio Effects options available on the main screen in this layout on the left-hand side.

This new format is an attempt to make Stories more appealing and engaging when Facebook is looking to get more users to adopt the format and give it some traction. For quite some time, Facebook has repeatedly stated that Stories are the future of social sharing. It is predicted that Stories are on track to overtake News Feed updates as the primary social sharing option in the near future. Facebook Stories now stands at 500 million daily users but the usage is not that high especially when compared to Instagram Stories. It is worth noting that Facebook Stories is growing even if it is doing so slowly.

This update better showcases the range of composer options available to the users who are not that familiar with the format as of now. There is no official announcement or hints from Facebook as to when this update will be rolled out to the general public. This is an update to look forward to and we can expect it to be announced sometime soon.

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