Facebook would Vanish the Annoying Notification Badges

Everyone would have had at least one instance in their life when they would click and enter Facebook (either purposely or by mistake) and you’re bombarded with countless notifications.
Well, it looks like Facebook may soon let you disable this annoying red notification badges!

The Testing Stage of this Notification Feature –

According to app researcher and reverse-engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong Facebook is currently testing the ability to turn on and off the red notification dots; known as badges, that you get for individual tabs of the company’s mobile app. That way, if you don’t really care much for Watch or groups, you don’t have to stare down yet another bright red badge number demanding your attention.

According to TechCrunch, this is a global test on iOS and Android. “We are testing new ways to give people more control over the notifications; they receive in the Facebook app,” a Facebook spokesperson told the outlet.


The spokesperson added that the company is aware that users don’t need to be reminded many times over that notifications are waiting; especially when you’re already able to tailor how specific app notifications appear through system-level customization in iOS and Android.

As John Herrman wrote in a New York Times articlelast year titled “How Tiny Red Dots Took Over Your Life”; the modern-day notification design has been refined and calibrated over the years; to maximize the likelihood that the average phone user will tap on an app icon or an in-app one once they’re already pulled in.

“What’s so powerful about the dots is that until we investigate them, they could signify anything: a career-altering email; a reminder that Winter Sales End Soon; a match, a date, a ‘we need to talk,’’ Herrman writes of the devastatingly hypnotizing effect; that even the small, subtle design element can have on our brains.

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How To Turn Off Facebook Notification Dots?

If you have access to this feature test, you’ll find the option in your Facebook app; under the three-lined More/Menu tab -> Settings & Privacy -> Settings -> Notifications -> Notification Dots. There you can “Choose which shortcuts will show you notifications dots” with options for “Videos On Watch”, “Profile”, “Groups”, “Menu”.

One tab/shortcut where you can’t disable the dots is Notifications; which actually makes sense since that’s the main way the app alerts you to activity around your profile and content. But since you already get a heads-up about new Groups posts or when you’re tagged in a photo there; the notification dots on the other tabs are just redundant and distracting.

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