Facebook’s new feature to unsend a message

Facebook Messenger will soon be releasing a new feature which allows users to unsend a message. This will erase the message from the users’ chat history as well as the recipient’s inbox. The user will be given an option to unsend the message within ten minutes after the message has been sent. This feature will be available in the updated version of Facebook Messenger.

Facebook’s release notes:

Facebook announced the new feature in the ‘coming soon’ section of its latest rundown. This contained the details regarding the new features in the version 191.0 release of Facebook Messenger on the app store. The release notes of Facebook read the following:

“Remove a message from a chat thread after it’s been sent. If you accidentally send the wrong photo, incorrect information or message the wrong thread, you can easily correct it by removing the message within ten minutes of sending it.”


Features of the present version:

At present, even though the messages deleted from the Facebook users’ inbox, recipient can still see it. As reported by Techcrunch, earlier this year, Facebook was deleting old messages sent by the company’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg. These messages were silently deleted from the recipient’s inbox without any notice. However, their replies still remained.

Email receipts of Facebook messages were found, which proved that messages that were not visible anymore were sent by the founder of Facebook. Facebook apologized and said that they would release the unsend feature to all the users. The messages could retract and removed only within a time period of ten minutes.

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The unsend feature of other messaging applications:

Other messaging applications such as WhatsApp allows its users to delete a message from the user’s as well as the recipient’s inbox. Users could do this for a time period of over one hour. In comparison to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger users will have lesser time to delete a sent message.

The unsend feature for Google’s Gmail allows its users to choose the time they have for unsending an email. The time intervals which are provided for the Gmail users include 5, 10, 20, and 30 seconds. Users could withdraw any incorrect email within the specific time period.

There is a difference between Facebook’s unsend feature for both Messenger and WhatsApp, and that of Gmail. In Gmail, the email actually stays in a que for the chosen time period. The receiver receives the email only after the stipulated buffer time passes. However, in the case of Facebook’s messaging apps, the message delivers once the send option-clicked. The recipient then has access to read the messages. Even if one decides to delete any message within the time period when it can be unsent, there are possibilities that the recipient may have already read the messages.

Latest version of Facebook Messenger:

The new version of Facebook Messenger will thus provide its users with an ability to delete any unnecessary messages. A short span of ten minutes is certainly better than the present version. The normal users may not have the high level ability like Zuckerberg to unsend 8 year old messages.

This new unsend feature has been revealed in the release notes for the latest version of Facebook’s iOS app. It is not yet known whether this update will be released for Android as well.

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