Facebook’s Update: To Reach Holiday Shoppers.

Facebook is clearly looking to make its platform a bigger part of consumers’ holiday shopping plans. Facebook unveiled an update that launched the ‘collection feature’ about a year ago, to help users easily save, organize and find posts from friends. The collection format is similar to a Pinterest pin board, to draw inspirational content around specific themes. Giving Facebook users the ability to make gift wish lists and plan parties could encourage shopping on the platform and attract advertisers seeking to reach holiday shoppers. However, once shared, friends become contributors and can edit or add posts to the collection.

Holiday shoppers


A powerful tool by Facebook for holiday shoppers.

Facebook Collection Ads may first appear to be a jumble of different ads. Collection Ads are a very powerful option available for social media advertisers. Powered by a Facebook product feed, Collection Ads are a simple way of grouping and products together into collections.

As consumers gear up to spend more this holiday season. More than half the shoppers are planning to shop for gifts online via computers. And 42% are planning to use mobile devices, according to Citi Retail Services. This year’s holiday shopping season is also expected to be more social than in the past, with 39% saying they would use “buy buttons” and 25% use photos to shop via mobile.

Sleek manoeuvre.

If you have a Facebook product feed, more than half the battle- done. This will take control of information and the image. Leaving which data to show to customers and which creative you want to be added. This can be a cover image, video or GIF, to help users have a better understanding of the collection.

Firstly, with people’s attention being the most sought-after commodity these days, we’ve seen cases where people browse through collections for 30 seconds. That’s 30 seconds of targeted, relevant advertising. The company says millions of people are already using collections. However, now that they are becoming more of a social tool, it seems that Facebook is ready to do more to promote them.

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Let Collection Ads help you these holidays!

Role of social media platforms like Facebook in holiday shopping is expected to be as big as ever this year. To reach consumers on social platforms, marketers are increasing their budgets for social media stories and maintaining or increasing budgets.

With your Facebook Product Feed in hand, Collection Ads are a simple way to tell a product story on Facebook. This engaging method of social advertising hits several key metrics and paves a clear route for a milestone.

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