Fashion accessories which are in trend this season!

Following are top 5 fashionable accessories you must own this season!

1- Chunky Boot

Chunky boots are just not worth missing this season. These are a low heel, rubber platform, sleek and comfortable option to wear with a dress or jeans. From a random walk outside to a night out, its perfect for all times. And in winter, no other option seem better for giving your feet warmth it craves for. It instantly adds a grunge twist to your outfit. For the ultimate badass look in 2020, opt for a knee-high silhouette with a mini skirt – put a ’90s spin on this stylish ensemble and be a real head-turner.

2- Statement Chain Necklaces

No matter how fashionable your outfit is, it looks incomplete without a piece of stunning jewellery. Large chain necklaces made their way this season.
From oversized and chunky designs to a delicate yet statement piece, these accessories can tie your outfit together really well
Pair it with a blazer, rollneck, or even a sweater – there are no rules with this timeless bling.

3- Wide Waist Belts

Wide waist belts, which are inn this season will create an instant hourglass shape and complete your attire. This is a versatile accessory that will be on everyone this season – wear it with a dress, skirt, or pants; there are no rules. You can tie together any ensemble.
To achieve a monochrome look, go for a single shade outfit. It is a must have for your wardrobe, since it will never go out of style.

4-Padded hairband

Turn every bad hair day into a good one! And, it’s super easy now. All you need is a cloth/padded hairband, which is so inn! It isn’t anything new, but Prada helped make them hot again this year. These accessories look fantastic in the center of the head or pushed back to keep the locks out of your face. Keep it simple by incorporating an everyday accessory with an intricate ensemble, or take it one step further by wearing it covered in embellishments. There are so many ways you can wear this gorgeous item, so have fun with it! Try to get it in as many colors and designs as you can!

5-Hoop earrings

This accessory is one of the biggest trends of this season, making another come back!
To spice up a plain outfit or add the finishing touch to your favorite ensemble, all you need to have is HOOPS!. Choose from a simple design to something over the top, with pearl, patterns, or embellishments. Hoops look best with your hair behind your ears, in a ponytail or a bun – show off your elegant earrings with pride.

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