Fashion CEO to provide free clothes

Being a woman, getting self ready for public office can be a stressful job. From managing the household chores to picking up an outfit.

According to a research, the dressing sense or style of women has a lot of impact on the public.

Thus, to help reduce the financial burden of purchasing outfits, M.M.

LaFleur, founder and CEO Sarah LaFleur is lending clothes from her company to any woman running for public office. This includes women for every level of work, from town council to the house of representatives

LaFleur announced the initiative in a letter sent to customers on President’s Day. In the letter, she wrote that after the 2016 presidential election, the company asked customers on how they could better support women, regardless of political party.

LaFleur says they received over 1,000 responses within 48 hours. From a Muslim woman in Texas saying she was scared for her life to a Bostonian PhD scientist who had voted for Trump saying, ‘I need you to understand why this was important for me.’

What made LaFleur come up with the thought is to support the women who wish to go into politics.

Although this cannot be the sole solution to increase numbers of women in politics, but it would eliminate the wardrobe stress while running for office.

According to a non profit company, namely Catalyst, women hold 23.2% of the House of Representative seats and 25% of the Senate seats.

LaFleur and her team have already received appreciation from many office going women who know the importance of appearance for their job.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-Democrat) in a message posted on her Instagram story, expressed her gratitude for the company, for starting this initiative, writing, “When I was running for office (even now), accessing clothing for the job was a big challenge both logistically and financially. As a candidate, a large part of asking people to vote for you is helping them visualize you on the job.”

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