Feminism And Its Types – Socialist Feminism

Feminism is evolving at the fastest pace in the twenty-first century. Women around the world are grappling with the various variations of solutions that are being proposed by various strands of feminism.

Among these various strands, socialist feminism is standing out as a solid solution. There are many reasons for that. After the economic recession, there was an upsurge in Capitalism trying to appropriate the mantle of feminism by ushering an era of girl bosses.

This translated into more women being hired in key positions and all women’s workspaces. It was said that capitalism would be the driving force for feminism and women, in turn, will save capitalism. The myth was propagated that any woman who works hard enough can get a greater share of the wealth and make the society more equitable.

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Feminism And Its Types - Socialist Feminism

This practice of putting the burden of their upliftment served well for capitalism as it was able to steer clear of its responsibilities while uplifting very few privileged women who became a new oppressing class. That’s where socialist feminism came to the rescue of women.


Socialism is quickly gaining currency among women in the USA. Bernie Sanders got a vast majority of the female votes.

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Feminism And Its Types - Socialist Feminism

In addition, the most popular female politician in the form of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a proud socialist feminist. This is a testament to the rising popularity of these ideas. The paradigm of socialist feminism looks to highlight the intersectional nature of oppression and address the problems of all women irrespective of race or class.

It addresses the fact that women face structural disadvantages and no matter how much they work hard, they have to do it double that of the men. Additionally, it talks of invisible labor and how that is unpaid. No wonder it’s gaining in popularity.

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