Few more Subject Lines for Cold Emails

We have mentioned a lot about cold emails and subject lines in our previous posts. So what are the best subject lines that you could use for your cold emails which would make the prospect open your otherwise boring emails?

Here are some more examples of few of the best cold email subject lines –

On their Face Lines

Sometimes all you need are single-word-subject-lineswhich are simple and to the point. Your entire email’s description should be just with that one single word.

subject lines

If it’s difficult to get one single word then go for straight forward words. These words should be like a gun shotgoing straight through the prospect making them realize about your email. Here are few examples –

  1. Barack Obama: “Hey”
  2. Topshop: “Meet your new jeans”
  3. Al Franken: “Yes, this is a fundraising email”
  4. Rip Curl: “Two for two”
  5. Guess: “Don’t wear last year’s styles.”

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Make it Personal

Be casual and assume yourself to be in their shoes, because this way you could understand what the prospect would be looking for in a subject line.

Being Personal has worked many times before for many people. The reason behind this is that when a person notices his name or his locality then he would feel a sudden urge to open the email.

Using the name of the person or location of the person are just few methods, here are few more examples –

  1. COOLS: “BYE FELICIA, HI 2016.”
  2. Sam from The Hustle: “I love you”
  3. John Lee Dumas: “Are you coming?”
  4. Bonnie Fahy: “Hey, do you remember me?”
  5. Fabletics: “Your Butt Will Look Great in These Workout Pants”

Don’t Lose them Completely

If your prospect has either lost their subscription or forgot about a particular prescription expiry then make sure to get them back!

The least you want is your customer to go away from you forever. So, send an email to sweeten the deal or to lower the subscription price, etc.

Use these subject lines as an example-

  1. Vivino: “We are not gonna Give Up on You!”
  2. Bonobos: “Hey, forget something? Here’s 20% off.”
  3. Syed from Envira: “I’m deleting your Envira account”
  4. Unroll.Me:  Unroll.Me has stopped working”
  5. Target: “The price dropped for something in your cart”

Use the examples and the tips provided on our previous post (How to Come up with Best Cold Email Subject Line) as well and make the best subject line, which would give even the president the urge to open it!

Remember, the subject line is just one line but it’s the line that matters the most so make it count.

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