Files Go re-branded itself as Files by Google

Google has rebranded and redesigned its memory-decluttering app for smartphones “Files Go” that also assists users to find files faster and share them with others even without an Internet connection. Files by Google is used by 30 million people and its only about a year old. The app had 50 million plus downloads on Play Store.

The app was launched in December last year with the aim of solving file and storage management problems for the next generation of smartphone users in countries such as India, Brazil and Nigeria, helping people to make the most of limited phone storage capacities.

Files by Google

Features of Files by Google

File Viewer

At the bottom of the Files by Google is a Files tab. The Files section offers a file manager view, with files broken down into types. The sections include downloads, received files, apps, images, videos, audio and documents. The files that show up in each category don’t necessarily come from the appropriate Android storage folders. Instead, the Files by Google app scans your device and adds the files to the app. Naturally, you can delete and manage any files in this section of the app. Furthermore, you can use the share button to back up the file to Google Drive or Dropbox before removing it from your phone or tablet.

AirDrop for Android

It’s a bit hidden, but Files by Google includes the ability to share files with nearby friends. It works in a lot of ways like Apple’s AirDrop feature. It uses a secure hotspot connection between two devices to transfer the file. Instead of being able to send files to random strangers, the recipient will have to approve the connection between the devices before anything can be sent or received. To use the file sharing feature, each person will need to visit the Files tab and select Send or Receive. After that, follow the prompts to complete the transfer.

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In the Settings for Files, you can change the name that shows up for file sharing, and control alerts for various triggers. You will receive alerts for things like apps you haven’t used in the past 30 days. Or apps with a large cache of unnecessary files, audio files, or duplicate files stored on your device. The App even has microSD support. You can transfer, receive and manage files on an Android tablet as well using the app.

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