Finding the right kind of bra for your evening dress

Bras play a pretty important role when putting together an outfit. Even when you’re going for a simple dress, the right bra can accentuate the outfit to make your body look perfectly balanced. Here are five types of bra and dress matches to keep in mind while deciding your dress for a lovely occasion.


Bodycon dress – Seamless bra

A bodycon dress basically takes the shape of your body so wearing a bra that has prominent outlines is not a very good idea. Go for a seamless bra that easily takes the shape of your body without any bulging to get that perfect shape you desire. Avoid underwired or heavily padded bras with your bodycon.


Off the shoulder dress – Strapless bra

Off the shoulder dresses reveal your shoulders and you don’t want those bra straps ruining the beauty of the dress. Your best bet here is to go for a strapless bra that fits you perfectly. Make sure to get your perfect size so you don’t have to worry about it slipping down and can be perfectly comfortable in it.

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Lowered back dress – Bustier

Bustier gives the shape and support and the liberty to go a little low. It is strapless and lowered making it perfect for lowered back cami dresses. If you have sleeves or don’t mind the straps on the shoulders, go for an adjustable bra that lowers the backline. While choosing the bra, check if the dress goes even lower than your bra. In that case, go for a different bra.


Backless dress – Adhesive bra

Picking up a bra when you want to reveal your back can be challenging as you don’t want the strap to be seen from behind. Go for adhesive bra that is strong enough to withstand the hours. You can also go for nipple pasties if the support is not your concern.


Deep V neck dress – U plunge bra

For deeper necklines, you need a special bra. Avoid the discomfort of trying to keep your bra hidden under the dress. And pair up your deep V neck dress with a U plunge bra. These bras are deep enough for most of the deep neck dresses. And in case, you plan to go even deeper, you can always rely on adhesive bra.


The right bra is the key to confidence. If you ace this game, you’re ready for any occasion with any dress.



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