5 American Foods You Must Try

Food is love and this love can’t be expressed in words especially when it tastes good. Needless to mention, food is one of the major driving forces behind our will to travel places. Here we are going to tell you the five must-try foods when you’re in the United States of America.


When it comes to hamburgers, Americans have varied opinions about who serves the best hamburger in the country. However, New Haven Connecticut is considered to be the motherland of hamburgers. Louis’ Lunch was established in 1900 by Louis Lassen that still serves arguably the best hamburgers.

Deep-Dish Pizza

This ain’t a regular pizza that you get anywhere else in the world. Chicago’s Pizza does look and taste different. A high crust accommodates enough amount of cheese and tomato sauce to choke you. It is called a pie and is said to be invented as an Italian American dish back in 1943.

Bagel and Lox

New York’s cuisine is not just about hot dogs, pretzels and cheesecakes. So, let’s not ignore the Jews’ contribution and talk about bagels and lox. You will be surprised to know that even Science has preferred New York’s bagel over any other bagels. Russ & Daughters Cafe in the lower east side serves a great variety including bagel sandwiches, smoked salmon in a pastrami crust and cream cheese.


Nope..that’s not a dish but something bigger than that. Every year, the fourth Thursday of November is celebrated as a day just dedicated to food. Supposedly, the day is about being thankful and spending time with family and friends but every American knows that it is about pumpkin pie, turkey, bellyaches etc. Attending a Thanksgiving feast is an experience of its own where you might not be eating the healthiest food but it sure is delicious.

Hominy Grits

Southern cuisine has a world of its own where you have a long list of food items that are about chicken and waffles. Hominy grits are milled corn-powder boiled up in butter which is actually quite magnificent. Blossom Restaurant’s Geechie Boy grits with andouille sausage and shrimps are something you must try.

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