Five cute outfit choices for a casual date

Confused about what to wear for that casual date? Choosing the right outfit for such an occasion can be tricky. A sexy dress may seem a little too much and the tee and jeans will just not do the trick. Here are a few outfit ideas for when you want to look charming but trying not to be too obvious.

A short dress with a denim jacket and sneakers

Anything can be made casual with a denim jacket. Pick out your favorite short dress or rather any dress from your wardrobe and top it up with a denim jacket and sneakers. It gives a laid back and comfortable look still making you look cute and neat. It is the classic look that makes you seem comfortable yet confident.

Off  the shoulder top

You can literally pair it up with any bottoms. For a classy look you can wear it with culottes or a pencil skirt. To keep it more casual you can even pair it up with your denims. This should just do the trick to make you look flirty and playful.

A solid maxi dress with delicate jewelry

Maxi dresses do the job to make you look comfortable yet elegant. You can pair them up with accessories and jewelry as per the occasion. For a casual date, pair it up with delicate and subtle jewelry to make you seem classic and calm.

A solid tee with printed pants

It could serve as a great last minute and effortless idea for when you can’t find anything to wear. (God knows how often that happens to us.)  Keeping it casual, you can always wear pants. Pair up a solid V neck tee with printed or striped pants and a pendant and you’re good to go.

Casual playsuit or jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are supposed to be fun and casual. It is one of the easiest date outfits as you really need not put much thought into it. However, there are multiple ways to rock that playsuit if it seems too plain. You can even top it up with outerwear like a jacket or a shrug to give your outfit a different look and feel.

Pro Tip: The trick here really is to look confident in whatever you wear and charm them with your personality. Opting for clothes that are comfortable will let you focus on the date rather than adjusting your dress all the time.

And don’t forget to use that blush. *wink, wink*

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  1. a woman should normally not too much flashing cloth any man that is going to love you he would love you according to how he see you.

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