Five expert tips for flying with a toddler

Traveling with a toddler can get real challenging especially when you’re on a plane. Your baby needs a lot of care and attention and can get irritated due to the lack of space. Many parents even avoid traveling with their baby on a flight if it’s not very urgent. Here are a few tips to keep your baby comfortable and have a good flight.


Check for an extra seat

Even though you’d be carrying your baby on your lap most of the times, check with the airlines if they can move someone around to get you one extra seat in case the flight is not full. Having some extra space for your baby will make it more comfortable for the both of you and will keep the baby happy.


Consider booking a night flight or a flight around your toddler’s sleeping schedule

Try getting a flight around the time your baby usually goes to sleep so that most of the journey is covered sleeping. If your baby is sleepy, then there are less chances of discomfort for the both of you. Put it to sleep as soon as you get in the flight and both of you have a peaceful journey.


Never forget the snacks and toys

Keeping your baby engaged in a flight becomes really difficult as you have limited entertainment. Pack your toddler’s favorite toys to make it feel like home and avoid crankiness. Mostly babies get cranky because of hunger so, also pack some extra snacks to keep it busy and full. You can pack fruits, dry fruits, biscuits or whatever your baby enjoys eating the most.


Always pack extra clothes and diapers

You never know when there may arise an emergency. Prepare for the worst and pack an extra set of clothing and diapers for your baby. The journey is long and you don’t want your baby to stay dirty for that time. Also, pack some sanitary wipes to clean your baby’s hands and feet.


Be prepared for the pressure

Carrying your toddler on a plane is not the only pressurizing situation you’ll be going through here. Babies get most uncomfortable when the cabin pressure changes during the take-off and landing. Pack candies, pacifier and whatever that will make its jaws move and distract it for the discomfort.


Have a happy journey, the both of you.



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