Five thrilling hiking destinations across the world

The thrill of exploration is never ending. For the adventure seekers out there, hiking is the perfect escape or rather the way of finding new joys. The hikes can be a day or a week long. All across the world, there are numerous hiking destinations that offer various kinds of experiences. Here’s a list of five thrilling hiking destinations across the world to put on your bucket list.



Tanzania, Africa

Kilimanjaro, at 19,340 feet, is Africa’s highest and most famous peak. Even after being widely popular, it is still not conquered by a lot of hikers. This hike covers a distance of #5 miles and takes roughly a week to complete. It offers a variety of different routes to conquer the peak and reach above the clouds. If you are yet to conquer this peak, you can plan it for the winters and always opt for a guided hike.



Arizona, United States

This has to be one of the hikes with the most scenic beauty. Covering roughly about 44 miles, this trek takes about 4-6 days to complete. The views in the hike are vast and it brings you closer to the earth’s natural features and miracles. The best time to take this hike is March to May or September to November.




This is one of the most popular destinations amongst the hikers. This trek to be face to face with the highest point on earth may not be an easy one but is sure worth the trouble. The hike takes about 16 days to complete covering a distance of 70 miles and is mostly guided. It offers not only the beauty of the nature but also a chance to experience a different culture with the people who have made this their home. The best time to take this trek is again March to May or September to November.



France, Italy, Switzerland

How about a hike that covers not just one but three countries giving three different experiences? Seems completely magical. The ideal European holiday for a hiker would be incomplete without this trek. It covers the base of the highest mountain of the Western Europe and covers a distance of around 105 miles. This trek gives you 10 days of three magical experiences as it covers the mountain passes, alpine meadows and glacial valleys. The ideal time for this hike is anytime between July to Mid-September.



Tasmania, Australia

The experience is as magical as the name sounds. This hike is perfect for all the thalassophiles out there. The hike is 16 miles long and takes 4 days to cover. It takes you on a journey of endless beaches covered with white sand and boulders covered in blood red lichen with beautiful turquoise water flowing along. The best time to go on this adventure is anytime between October to May.

Happy hiking!

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