Five tips to promote faster hair growth

The desire of having long hair makes us try a lot of things. And who doesn’t want those shiny locks just blowing with the wind like we see in movies? If you’re done with your haircut and trying for faster hair growth, then here are some tips to help you

Massage your scalp with coconut oil

Coconut oil provides nourishment to the skin and massaging the scalp not only relaxes you but also stimulates the blood circulation. Massaging with coconut oil helps strengthen the roots and encourages healthy hair growth. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil and heat it a little. Then apply this oil all over you scalp and massage gently. Yu can try this 2 hours prior to your hair wash to keep them healthy and make them long.

Avoid washing too often

Washing your hair too much tends to wash off the natural oils in the scalp that are necessary for hair growth. If you have oily hair, then wash them every alternate day to maintain the balance. While washing, massage the scalp gently to improve blood circulation and use mild, chemical-free shampoo.

Don’t brush too much

Though brushing your hair stimulates the scalp but too much of it makes them weak and leads to hair fall. Brush your hair for only 5-10 minutes a day to provide them with the required stimulation. Be gentle when you’re brushing and don’t be too harsh to your scalp. Also, avoid brushing it at all when they’re wet. Wet hair is weak from the roots and brushing them will lead to more than normal hair fall.

Apply natural hair packs

Natural hair packs can be made with several ingredients at home that have multiple benefits. Make these hair packs using ingredients like gooseberries, coconut milk, castor oil, egg white, etc. to provide your hair with the nourishment they require to promote hair growth. Apply these masks once a week before washing the hair. Not only do they promote hair growth, they also make your hair look shinier, smoother and healthier.

Trim your hair every 3 months

Now if you’re aiming for longer hair, then you might not want to trim them at all. But the damaged hair with split ends will do not good. The damaged hair hinders the growth and leads to breakage. Get your split ends removed every 3 months to maintain healthy hair and make them ideal for hair growth.

Simple steps you take to care for your scalp not only makes your hair longer but also maintains them and keeps them healthy.


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